We accept payment by Visa & MasterCard Credit cards & Direct Credit / Electronic Funds Transfer

1. Great for you to receive Credit Card Points or Rewards. Most Banks have Credit Cards with a personal reward programs,

  • Air NZ AIRPOINTS Dollars from your “Global Plus BNZ Visa”
  • Air NZ AIRPOINTS Dollars from your Premium ANZ Visa
  • Fly Buys from your “BNZ Credit Card” ($50 = 1 Fly Buys point)
  • Earn CashBack Rewards from your “National Bank Thoroughbred Card”

2. Secure Payment Guaranteed

  • Your card details are protected with SSL encryption and processed securely in real time by:
  • Direct Payment Solutions
  • StationeryOnline does not keep a record of your credit card detail.
  • Your credit card is not charged until dispatch. If we are unable to 100% fulfill your order, we only charge for what is sent.

3. Payment by Direct Credit / EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

a. Our Bank Details are,

  • 01-0215-0225303-00 and
  • Reference the given Order #

b. Note re Direct Credit / EFT Payment - If your Bank is ANZ, we will receive your payment almost immediately, and release your order immediately. Other bank payments can take up to 24 hours to be received, so this can defer dispatch of your order by up to 24 hours.

c. Debtors are a huge cost to any business – we do not have credit / charge accounts or a Debtors ledger – our savings through not have a debtors ledger deliver "LOWER PRICES" to you.

Note: We understand that you always pay your accounts on the 20th of the following month. Unfortunately others don’t. We prefer to give all our customers “LOWER PRICES"
rather than charge higher prices to cover the administrative cost of debtor servicing & recovery.